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    Its a jig!! (Ps3 Jail Break)


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    Its a jig!! (Ps3 Jail Break)

    Post  Dm430 on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:12 pm

    so we know this so called jail break is a jig. the usb has a coded chip soldiered on it that allows the exaction of this file so what do we know about how a jig works? we need to research this stuff we have the files know we just need a way to replicate this jig

    Dump Manager
    File Here:Download

    Jig Setup Files (Anyone who could even attempt to replicate the hardware required already has these files!)

    File Here: Download

    Any way this device works by a micro controller attached to the usb device that sends commands to the console that send it into service mode! we need to know more about the coding of the chip attached to the usb device and how it works

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