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    .::Ps3 Decrypted Content Sharing Via (Ps3's Back up HDD)::.


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    .::Ps3 Decrypted Content Sharing Via (Ps3's Back up HDD)::.

    Post  Dm430 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:43 pm


    Hello Every One i have shared this idea but some one keeps deletingit..? Why its a good idea.

    ok so once you have decrypted the ps3's HDD content modeifed it and then restored the moded image to the ps3's HDD make a back up of the HDD using (PS3's Data Backup/Recovery System) to make a backup of the moded content.

    .::HDD Content in The Backup::.

    Ok so examing the PS3's backed up data you will find that it creates archived .Dat files. These file can be opened and moved/replaced freely...While they are not decrypted a preiously modifed patch/file can be located and added to the ps3's backup folder. In thery you have all the content on the ps3's HDD now dumped on to a portable media device...Now if only you could decrypt these files/get them out of anti leech formating then modding would become 150X easier fir every one.Wink

    .::Finding your File::.

    Ok so this is easy go to your ps3 and locate the file on the HDD that you wish to supplie. Then head over to the computer and locate that file using the file size;) presto you have found the archive .dat for that file.

    .::Sum of This::.

    Ok so i don't know if anyone finds this of any use but i thought i would post on it if any one would like to post there moded data on anything that would be great. Please do not remove this thread its not off topic and it supplies data for posible explotation of the (PS3's HDD Backup/Recovery system).

    Thanks for reading if you found this helpful in any way pleas rep. thanks


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    Re: .::Ps3 Decrypted Content Sharing Via (Ps3's Back up HDD)::.

    Post  blackmagic1000 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:20 pm

    you need a dat reader to see these i used to have one for privite servers on a computer game in order to change files if i can find one i will post where to find.

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