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    ps3 mw2 hack theory



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    ps3 mw2 hack theory

    Post  xxmcvapourxx on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:03 pm

    Very Happy Hi guys names xxmcvapourxx from ngu i thought i come to this forum and need to get away and help you guys ok this is what ive done so far. i used xpert2 psp software to unpack pkg and it gave me 40gb worth of files so my laptop harddrive was full up so im going to start again using a extenal hard drive and look at the files ive also tried the hdd methord and it doesnt also looking at modding mw2 iso but i noticed you cant put iso onto ps3 or mod it! anyone want to work as a team and share ideas and we can get this lobby up and running.also ive done alot of research there are alot of rumours from hunter and unknown i dont know who to believe but one source says its easier then the prestige hack so i was thinking looking at the gp key methord.

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