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    Decompressing .pkg's (tut)


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    Decompressing .pkg's (tut)

    Post  Dm430 on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:18 pm

    .::Methodes for .pkg uncompressing::.

    .::Windows::.(Not Working) Confirmed by me.

    Download the PS3 SDK.
    Go into the "host-win32" folder.
    Go into "bin."
    In Command Prompt, drag "make_package_npdrm.exe" into the prompt, and use -x <PKG name> to decompress. Use -c <PKG name> to compress.
    This unpacker will only work for certain PKGs! Luckily, the patch falls under this category.


    type "sudo apt-get install yum" in Terminal.
    Now, look for a repository with PS3 binaries. You can get some from PS3Bodega.

    With yum and the RPM installed, now you can just type "yum ps3unpkgr" in Terminal instead of code editing.

    When you get the SDK and install the binaries (the RPM is right there), you can use "ps3unpkgr -x <PKG name>" and unpack everything.

    To pack it into a PKG again, use "ps3unpkgr -c <PKG name>" and it will pack.

    downlode the ps3 sdk ver 1.6


    sudo apt-get install yum

    Type in your root password

    you can use "ps3unpkgr -x <PKG name>" and unpack everything

    To pack it into a PKG again, use "ps3unpkgr -c <PKG name>" and it will pack

    sudo passwd root "i use 1 as my password"

    open fire fox and download "

    sudo apt-get install alien

    sudo alien -k ps3bodega-release-6.2-2.noarch.rpm

    sudo dpkg -i ps3bodega-release_6.2-2_all.deb


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    Re: Decompressing .pkg's (tut)

    Post  apples7 on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:03 am

    good finding.i just fix my other ps3 ylod with a hair dryer so once my new sata to usb connecter comes in ill do this. my ps3 is on 3.15 and my slim is on 3.40

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