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    "Unbound" Clan Tag


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    "Unbound" Clan Tag

    Post  Ashford02 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:35 pm

    Hey just a easy hacked clan tag..

    It only works in these places:
    When your callsign appears and it shows Clantag
    When you connect(oddly enough it shows "Unboundyourname connected")

    It will be patched soon enough. IW probably won't patch this for a long time(as the Resurgence Pack update probably won't have a fix) and it'll probably be around 1.12/1.13 before this little trick is gone.

    To do:
    Change Clantag in game to ZZZZ
    You need to copy your Save Data to your USB Flash Device or SD Card
    Find the file named GPAD0_MP(it may differ for other regions)
    Open it in Hex Editor and locate ZZZZ
    Change it to {--} or {2 characters} and save it
    While you're at it, edit your MOTD(Optional)
    Save the file
    Copy Save Data back to PS3
    Start up MW2 and hover over your callsign in a lobby/party

    The only way to reedit clan tag is to delete the {'s(they count as Illegal Characters ingame)

    Now watch, there'll probably be more you can do with GPAD files.

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